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Bank Staff Stop Scams

By Scam Awareness | January 12, 2018

Banking institutions in the UK are partnering with local police to empower bank staff to stop scams when they see suspicious activity. If staff suspect someone is being tricked or pressured into withdrawing large sums of money, they are encouraged to immediately call the police to determine what further action needs to be taken. 

This new program prevented a man from being scammed £10,000 ($13,372) for a luxury car he saw for sale on eBay. When the gentleman went to the bank to withdraw the money, staff were wary of the car deal and called the local authorities. Within 30 minutes, the police were investigating the case. In the end, they determined the car was registered hundreds of miles away and the details of the seller on eBay were not legitimate. Luckily for this man, there was an effective system in place to protect him from being scammed.  

Since this partnership program was established a year ago, it has prevented £9.1 million ($12.1 million) of fraud ranging from £99 - £212,000 ($123 - $283,530) per individual. Furthermore, local authorities were called 1,262 times and made 101 arrests. Besides prevention, an additional benefit of this partnership is that it ensures consistent responses to scams. Based on the success of the program, there is hope that it will expand to more communities and include a wider range of scams.  

Stay safe!

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