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December 2014 Red Flag Award Winner

By Scam Awareness | December 19, 2014

The December 2014 Red Flag Award goes to... the WBRE Eyewitness News team, which had a great "Scam Week" on their nightly news broadcast, exploring common scams in Pennsylvania. The area had noticed an uptick in scams and scammers, and the team at WBRE decided it needed to further inform its viewing public. Thank you for dedicating important time to these issues, and we hope this becomes a yearly occasion!

  • Name: WBRE Eyewitness News team
  • Location: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
  • Fun fact: WBRE serves 19 counties in Pennsylvania, and it was the first television station in the northeast and central Pennsylvania market
  • Founded: 1953
  • Why WBRE won: it created a fantastic week-long segment on local news, warning viewers about scams, and what to watch for and avoid

Check out WBRE here, and its Facebook.

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Stay safe!

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