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Pope’s Visit Creates Opportunity for Scam

By Scam Awareness | September 4, 2015

As anticipation grows for Pope Francis's long-awaited visit to New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo asks that everyone be cautious of potential scams that come with any famous visit. READ MORE

Old Scam, Same Story

By Scam Awareness | September 1, 2015

Update 9/1/2015: We've also been seeing this scam in Vermont. Recently, an old scam has resurfaced in Colorado but even if you aren't living in Colorado... this scam is old as time. Get the facts, so you don't become a victim of the jury duty scam! READ MORE

Crowdfunding Fraud

By Scam Awareness | August 31, 2015

When tragedy strikes, many relief organizations go into full fundraising mode in order to help out the victims of a disaster. Now, with the advent of "crowdfunding" sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, it has become even easier for the victims of bad circumstances to solicit help from kind strangers on the internet. However, sometimes these crowdfunding schemes can prey on the good intentions of donors, and go towards the wallets of shady scammers. READ MORE

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