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Government Exposes Four Cancer Charity Scams

By Scam Awareness | May 19, 2015

We all want to give our time and money to great causes - but what if your favorite charity is pocketing your money to fund the CEO's private planes, concert tickets, and luxury cruises? READ MORE


By Scam Awareness | May 12, 2015

Have you seen us on TV? This summer, all over the country, we have been showing a public service announcement we created to warn Americans about the dangers of scams, and giving some examples of common scams to watch out for. READ MORE

May 2015 Red Flag Award Winner

By Scam Awareness | May 5, 2015

The May 2015 Red Flag Award goes to... IBM! Founded over 100 years ago, IBM is a technology and consulting corporation that manufactures hardware and software technology for businesses across the globe. Recently, IBM launched IBM Counter Fraud Management, which helps businesses in fields like health care and insurance detect potential fraud threats and compile evidence to use in future prosecution. READ MORE

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